Working with the board / directors / trustees / board of management (hereafter referred to as “the board”) requires a collaborative approach. The role of the board is more critical than ever in an era of increasing governance and regulation.

Consider the following questions for your organisation.......

  • When was the last time you reviewed your governing document?
  • Do you have a board member application form?
  • Do you have a board member welcome pack?
  • Who handles new board member induction and orientation?
  • What steps are taken to reduce or eliminate conflicts of interest?
  • Do you have a board meeting attendance policy?

The board is the key leadership team in your organisation. It helps to build capacity through the process of strategic planning, organisational development, management and leadership tasks and leveraging best practices in non-profit management. All of these activities, appropriately managed and structured, will result in stronger outcomes. (Ask about our board self-assessment tool designed to increase board effectiveness).

Your board has the legal responsibility to provide and follow a code of good practice and design and put in place policies & procedures that will make sure the organisation runs, not just efficiently, but effectively.

JE Warren Consulting will provide your board with a productive process utilising the individual and collective experience of your board in addition to building capacity along the way.