We face an era of continuous change and challenge!

Training for staff in the areas of governance and compliance is a vital tool to meet inherent demands and for strengthening organisational effectiveness. Training is empowering; builds confidence; gives a sense of purpose and builds self-esteem. 

When resources are few and funding is tight, upskilling staff to take on more responsibility is a cost effective option to add value to an organisation allied to a realignment / reorganisation of existing duties. After all, your core staff are the ones with the knowledge and experience who may just relish the opportunity for more responsibility and a change of direction. 

Training does not need to involve time out of the office incurring unnecessary expense. Training does not always have to be accredited as much as accredited training is important to long-term personal and professional development. At times, training can be as simple as discussing with staff the implications of new legislation on existing programmes or facilitating a discussion with them around the impact of legislation on their roles and responsibilities.

Appropriate training improves productivity, keeps staff fresh and current which in turn helps to deliver on organisational goals & objectives. Annual staff appraisals should identify governance training needs which should be fed into a board meeting agenda where appropriate decisions and approvals can be signed off.