Community, voluntary and charitable organisations (Civil Society) operate in an environment that is very different to 15/20/30 years ago. A sector that was built on trust, goodwill and a volunteer ethos, is now bigger and more professional, delivering more programmes and services, and has become a significant employer. 

With the ever increasing governance, reporting, compliance and legislative requirements being placed on Civil Society, it is more important than ever to be proactive and to ensure that your organisation is prepared for the challenges ahead.

With a combined 43 years business experience working in the commercial and community / charity sector, founder & owner John Warren has the hands-on knowledge and skills honed from day-to-day senior management and extensive training. 

At times, an organisation will require external support to carry out specific functions and to provide specific services that are extremely important in the context of transparency, accountability, responsibility and good governance. 

I am here to help you and your board to meet organisational goals and objectives. Using my skills and experience, I will help your organisation to better demonstrate the difference you make, and to help you to plan for the future.

I look forward to being of assistance. Thank you very much. John 

John Warren, Founder & Owner