The Charities Governance Code was launched in November 2018. 

"The Charities Governance Code explains the minimum standards that your charity should meet to effectively manage and control your work. Good governance involves putting in place systems and processes to ensure that your charity achieves its charitable objectives with integrity and is managed in an effective, efficient, accountable and transparent way.

2019 - will be a year of learning and preparation for charities. The Charities Governance Code Toolkit provides guidance notes and templates to assist charities and charity trustees to meet all of the core standards outlined in the Code. 2020 - will be the first year that registered charities are expected to comply with the Code. 2021 - will be the first year that registered charities are expected to report on their compliance with the Code". Source: 

I can support your organisation in planning the steps to comply with the Charities Governance Code. I have delivered a number of workshops for charities embarking on the journey and offered my knowledge and experience in how they might approach this very important piece of work. Many charities that I have spoken to already comply in whole or in part with many of the required principles and standards. Those charities that previously adopted the Code of Governance for the community, voluntary and charity sector will certainly have an advantage.

The important step for a charity is to ensure there is appropriate planning including the creation of a board-approved sub-committee to oversee its completion.