"The Governance Code is a Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland. All Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations have a responsibility to provide and follow a code of good practice when it comes to how their organisations are run. It is usually the responsibility of the board or board of management. Good governance means an organisation will design and put in place policies and procedures that will make sure the organisation runs effectivelyā€¯. Source www.governancecode.ie

While the code is a voluntary code, adopting the the code signifies the overall attitude towards governance, transparency, responsibility and accountability within your organisation. (Please note that there are other codes within the sector that are equally relevant and you need to determine the right codes for your organisation).

Embarking on the journey of completion does require time and resources and more often than not, external support, which will need to be budgeted for. The process once completed will require annual maintenance but the hard work will have been completed. 

If the Governance Code is not on your board meeting agenda, place it there and begin the process. My own view is the the code, or similar, will become mandatory down the road and I believe that it is important to get ahead of the game in that respect.

The process is a liberating process for most organisations and delivers a sense of pride and achievement once completed. Most importantly, it will serve to reaffirm to the public and all your stakeholders that your organisation accepts and welcomes the responsibility that is associated with being a charitable organisation.